rbatb frh6a fian3 5hba5 628it 775af 6rh79 idny8 r4hrd 8hnah f78de raaha fbss9 r5b5k afdi2 ff7zh e5db8 ht8i4 9t6r9 67473 b88ef Got my very own SVJ for 3 mill + a toyota |

Got my very own SVJ for 3 mill + a toyota

2022.01.26 10:58 Calm-Elevator5125 Got my very own SVJ for 3 mill + a toyota

Finally got the exclusive SVJ and all I had to do was sell the toyota Celica from the seasonal objective for 20 mill, grind the money the auction house steal... I mean "takes as fees" then snipe an SVJ for 20 mill. For anyone wanting an SVJ or an exclusive car they really want, the best way to get it is to sell another seasonal objective car that you don't really care about. I didn't really care about some random toyota (it probably has some significance and I bet alot of people really like it but I am more a fan of hypercars and supercars) and I really wanted an SVJ so I think it was a good trade minus having to grind 3 mill. Oh also this technique is a good way to get the two 20 mill accolades without grinding forever or gaining legendary status.
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2022.01.26 10:58 DudeGuyPersonThingy I have two ender dragon eggs?

Is it normal to get another dragon egg when you respawn the ender dragon? I play on a Minecraft bedrock realm btw.
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2022.01.26 10:58 dhatura We did it! We became the first Indians to hoist Tiranga on top of Clock Tower Lal Chowk Srinagar for the first time after India's Independence day.

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2022.01.26 10:58 Accomplished-Elk1003 Shitposting

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2022.01.26 10:58 ShaunVdV1986 Silage bales

On the french map, I used the claas bale wrapper to make silage bales. And they needed time to ferment. On elmcreek, I used the snake maker from the Anderson DLC. And it was instant silage.
Season's is turned in on both maps.
I'm a bit confused 🤔 what am I missing?
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2022.01.26 10:58 in_one_ear_ Cute snek

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2022.01.26 10:58 SRRana1534 Hum ye batate hue bahut khush hai ki @UniLend_Finance Republic Day celebrate karne k liye @WazirXIndia se hath mila raha h🥳 Hum 1000 new users ko 20000$ ka reward denge,jo bhi 27th Jan. se #Wazirx par sign up karte h or 100$ k $UFT trade karte h. More- https://t.co/waTFa9kIxR

Hum ye batate hue bahut khush hai ki @UniLend_Finance Republic Day celebrate karne k liye @WazirXIndia se hath mila raha h🥳 Hum 1000 new users ko 20000$ ka reward denge,jo bhi 27th Jan. se #Wazirx par sign up karte h or 100$ k $UFT trade karte h. More- https://t.co/waTFa9kIxR submitted by SRRana1534 to UniLend [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 10:58 R4ZORX1 What do you think is worse, getting eaten alive by zombies or get crushed by springlocks?

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2022.01.26 10:58 Greninja_xl Grom headcanon/theory thing

Now, Grom isn't my favourite or something, but here I am. Anyways I hope I didn't flair this wrong.
Now, here:
Grom is afraid of children, right? Well, in my headcanon thing, Grom is dylslexic and frrom his brawl talk, we can see that he is a teacher and I believe that he teaches Physical Education and Math. (mostly PE though). I also believe Grom taught students of ages 5-16. Either way, the children made fun of his pronounciation and spelling which he tries his best to correct and is an insecurity of his. Children being immature children continued to laugh at it while he taught them and did things like put gum under desks and break his things. At some point, Grom couldn't take it and moved to wherever brawl stars is. Why didn't he do it earlier? Well, he needed the money to move to wherever Starr Park is.
He also needed to learn a new language but he learnt a bit of decent English online before doing so. Despite learning a language such as English is hard, Grom did it since no one could bully him any more (I headcanon that Starr Park is in an English speaking country since no matter what language you choose in the game, the voice lien languages never change) since he could say that his native language is not English, but is Russian.

Well, that was kinda sad. Here, have a happier headcanon- Grom has a beloved teddy bear whose name is нести. Which is literally bear in Russian (it's brown with button eyes. Imagine the Mr. Bean teddy bear.)
Also I'm not sure what russian quotation marks are so there is none and the text is italicized. (I mean there's different punctuation in different languages such as Chinese when compared to English.)
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2022.01.26 10:58 False_Pudding_2008 Racially profiled at job interview

So I applied at a Publix that was about 6 minutes away from me .but last week another location that’s 20 mins away called and was interested in hiring me so I went in for an interview last Friday pretty confident until I met the manager I talked to over the phone. Didn’t make a big deal of it but her facial expression when she saw me was really weird and I realized she wasn’t as overly nice as she was over the phone. She told me to follow her to a room and asked me how my day was and I told her it was fine and asked her if she was having a good day. No response….
So we sat down I explained a little about myself and what I could contribute to the store and my overall skill set. While I was nervous because I really wanted to work at Publix and get far away from my current job I thought I did exceptionally well at my interview. Was very blunt and told her I was ready to learn and eager to work here. When my interview ended after about 10 minutes she told me “we’re still looking at other applicants to hire but if you get a 2nd interview it will be with the store manager and he will make the decision if you’re hired or not” I said that’s fine have a nice day.
Couple days go by and my mom called and asked me about the lady who interviewed me and what she looked like. Couldn’t remember her name at the time but I just told her she was an old heavier set white woman. My mom proceeded to tell me that the lady wrote me down as a “bad interview “ and I wouldn’t be hired. Knowing me I just laughed it off and didn’t make a big deal of it. It sucked but there was no point in dwelling over it.
Then a few hours later my stepdad talked to me about the situation and apparently my moms friend who works at multiple Publix locations was notified that that the store didn’t want to hire me because I have dreads. Mind you my dreads aren’t messy looking at all I had them in braids so I could give a good first impression at my interview.i was also told that the lady lied about interviewing more applicants and only said that so I wouldn’t feel so bad about being hired. I guess ignorant people have some sort of sympathy too😂
Edit: my moms friend is currently trying to get me an interview at a store he mostly works at. So there’s still hope. Hopefully this place is a lot more accepting and doesn’t single me out for wanting to embrace my culture with a hairstyle though.
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2022.01.26 10:58 loafer23 BUYING so much when the market opens!! BULLISH AF!!!! 🚀

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2022.01.26 10:58 mdrehan4 FOHO COIN Gets Listed on LATOKEN

Blockchains can be used in real estate as a single source of truth to verify the ownership of an asset. Real estate can be thought of as a verifiable record of ownership data that enables the parties to a deal not only to know each other, but also to trust the sellers with the true ownership of the property, since there is no question or doubt as to who is claiming or not. When a property changes hands, digital tokens and transactions can be recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent history of land ownership.
FOHO holdings is changing the future of Fractinolized Real- Estate through its Ethereum based token FOHO COIN . One can buy FOHO COIN from major cryptocurrency marketplaces like BitBNS, PancakeSwap, UniSwap and LATOKEN to purchase TOKENISED REAL-ESTATE on LETSFOHO.com
This Listing on LATOKEN will be a step forward enabling investors to buy and sell TOKENISED REAL-ESTATE globally.
FOHO Coin will begin trading on LATOKEN, 26th January 2022 8:30pm India Time | 10:00 am New York / Toronto Time | 7:00pm Dubai Time
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2022.01.26 10:58 4Valley [FRESH] 4Valley - 2 BOLD

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2022.01.26 10:58 Legal-Complex1350 I am getting this error very often while travelling. I have to restart the phone to bring back the sim online. I have tried reseting my network setting and it helped me for one week and this problem was back again. Any solution for this issue? I am using S20 FE 4G Exynos variant.

I am getting this error very often while travelling. I have to restart the phone to bring back the sim online. I have tried reseting my network setting and it helped me for one week and this problem was back again. Any solution for this issue? I am using S20 FE 4G Exynos variant. submitted by Legal-Complex1350 to GalaxyS20FE [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 10:58 Han_Tykje M22 from ✨Norway✨ - Looking for long-term friends 🇧🇻

Heisann, people of Reddit!
I'm looking for long-term friends, preferably between 18-25, both m and f!
My name is Han Tykje (not my real name, obviously)
I am looking for friends in Europe, mostly because of time zones.
My hobbies are reading and playing videogames! I only play on PC. So if you have Steam and Discord, we could exchange that after chatting a bit here on Reddit! And when the time comes that we actually get to know eachother, we can exchange Snapchats, if you use it.
If you send me a message: Tell me your name, internet alias or real, that's up to you, followed by two hobbies! 😊 (I will not reply to Hey, Yo and alike)
I hope you have wonderful time, wherever you are in the world!
Thank you for taking time to read this!
PS: It's really hard to keep contact with people you meet on the internet. We can chat for 3 days straight and then it's quiet for 1 month. Ghosting is something I'd like to try and prevent.
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2022.01.26 10:58 Bunyanz Looks almost like an ash tray. Given to a co-worker form his dad who lived in Colorado.

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2022.01.26 10:58 MSciCSI Modern methods of PAW

I’m curious to implement a PAW model for managing and maintaining privileged systems both on prem and in the cloud. I don’t want staff to have to carry a second device for this purpose, and would prefer a virtualised jump station type of model. Are there any modern methods/technologies that might not be that obvious for achieving this other than sticking it on the VMware/Azure stack!
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2022.01.26 10:58 Handsome_oohyeah I guess you can do anything when you're high

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2022.01.26 10:58 DrMigBick Limiiii/NoBother/KanKan, all members of the Rattle gang” on Futbin, all the same person… my man made an online gang with his own alter egos 🤣

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2022.01.26 10:58 adamska_w Want to help me make it as a writer?

Hey guys, shameless self-promotion/plug here: I'm trying to make a living doing what I love and want to improve at (writing). I've started an IG page to help with that: "yashwwrites" I review books, movies, tv shows, and video games too. The most recent post is a review/semi-poem/semi essay on DOOM Eternal. (https://www.instagram.com/p/CZJY3SbNkHk/?utm\_source=ig\_web\_copy\_link) Would really appreciate it if you guys could have a read through and tell me if it's fun content/stuff? Thanks *Pressed hands*
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2022.01.26 10:58 botany_queen17 Did I (30F) ruin any chance with him (32M)?

I met this amazing guy online a couple weeks ago, and we share a lot of common interests (hobbies,beliefs,etc..) and I feel like we clicked.
We exchanged numbers, and have been texting everyday. Not continuous, but just checking in and saying good morning and what not. Well, we started asking personal questions like when our last relationship was and what not, and he just got out of a long term relationship a few months ago and his dating style is taking things slow. I totally can understand because I’m the same way.
However, I told him how I really felt (that I like him) and I also thought he was very handsome and someone I’d love to meet. He said he liked me too, which I was so happy about.
Here is where I think I truly messed this up. I compliment him a lot, and sometimes he doesn’t reciprocate, so I feel like I’m crossing boundaries and potentially making him uncomfortable. He said he isn’t uncomfortable but I just feel like I shouldn’t have told him that. I sent him a video of me saying good morning to him one morning and he didn’t say anything about me which is making me think he isn’t attracted to me.
Yesterday I told him I apologize and I’m going to stop expressing my feelings for him so much and he said I don’t need to apologize and I said nothing wrong. I just feel like I let the best of my anxiety get to me, and now he doesn’t want to pursue me probably. Also, should I wait for him to text me first? I’ve been the one texting him first and maybe that’s the problem.
TLDR: My anxiety got the best of me, what do I do to make the awkward mess better?
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2022.01.26 10:58 yolok33mswagglyf Vou dar um tiro nos cornos

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2022.01.26 10:58 billyneedsbuffs The REAL Mindgame.

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2022.01.26 10:58 my-user-account She's Racy

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2022.01.26 10:58 taylortaylortaylorrr What is an opinion you have that you have to lie about while at work?

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