8a239 7ieea 96279 9dz5k ra73e 5ead5 kb594 56a8a b7635 538rt h6yet 4834b sddid 6b87a 88852 3znza 777ra rf9d8 azbd7 e99b6 aa486 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩 |


2021.09.27 03:07 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 03:07 WolfOfOrion Bacon Daddy

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2021.09.27 03:07 River-Quiet account for sale

selling an maxed blox fruit account with 26mill saber,saddi,wando and good fruits for 25$ i also grind ppl accounts
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2021.09.27 03:07 oreoguy123__ I would love to see some animal Ai that isn’t brain dead and completely broken.

Like why can bears slide around and hit you through walls? or animals just run away randomly for miles? Why can’t they just be balanced and not constantly buggy?
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2021.09.27 03:07 itsNublek ufak bi test ✅ ? ❎ ?

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2021.09.27 03:07 Downtown_Rat Title casue I need to title

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2021.09.27 03:07 tekkenfanaticlfc xia brookside

xia brookside submitted by tekkenfanaticlfc to WWEfapmania [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 03:07 krosegoblue AZELF raid now from New Orleans adding 10 MUST ADD BOTH TRAINER CODES!!! and be online

1247 0099 2027
0208 3750 7512
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2021.09.27 03:07 Morshellow I have a question will they add the poor salt and the drinking emote to the year four and five hero’s

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2021.09.27 03:07 johnsticle Safe to say I was pretty pumped after beating Seattle for the first time since 2009

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2021.09.27 03:07 Adam12x2 /r/kpop Top Ten Tuesdays Results Thread: YUKIKA (2021)

Inspired by indieheads and hiphopheads

kpop's top 10 YUKIKA songs are:
Rank Points Title Count Percentage Average
1 278 Neon 35 83.33% 3.06
2 238 Soul Lady 36 85.71% 4.39
3 192 Cherries Jubiles 33 78.57% 5.18
4 179 Insomnia 35 83.33% 5.89
5 176 Shade 28 66.67% 4.71
6 161 Lovemonth 34 80.95% 6.26
7 160 pit-a-pet 29 69.05% 5.48
8 156 Yesterday 30 71.43% 5.80
9 111 Love in TV World 16 38.10% 4.06
10 101 Secret 22 52.38% 6.41

kpop's top 10 YUKIKA Album Tracks/B-Sides are:
Rank Points Title Count Percentage Average
1 176 Shade 28 66.67% 4.71
2 161 Lovemonth 34 80.95% 6.26
3 160 pit-a-pet 29 69.05% 5.48
4 111 Love in TV World 16 38.10% 4.06
5 101 Secret 22 52.38% 6.41
6 92 Time Travel 20 47.62% 6.40
7 91 I Feel Love 20 47.62% 6.45
8 51 Orange Road 7 16.67% 3.71
9 45 Pung! 11 26.19% 6.91
10 40 Neon 1989 6 14.29% 4.33

YouTube Playlist Overall Top 10
YouTube Playlist Top 10 Album Tracks/B-sides
Spotify Playlist Overall Top 10
Spotify Playlist Top 10 Album Tracks/B-sides
Google Spreadsheet with all past results, schedule, and links to youtube/spotify playlists
Link to the YUKIKA voting thread
Special thanks to neo24 and Almost_tragic
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2021.09.27 03:07 BenevolentCheese Hakuho Sho, the greatest sumo wrestler in history, plans to retire at 36. Hakuho owns nearly every major record in the sport.

Hakuho Sho, the greatest sumo wrestler in history, plans to retire at 36. Hakuho owns nearly every major record in the sport. submitted by BenevolentCheese to sports [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 03:07 ThanksForTheCarry Keeper?

Keeper? submitted by ThanksForTheCarry to MLB_9Innings [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 03:07 Melodic-Mushroom-384 I would've simply survived

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2021.09.27 03:07 tropaccrimelar3 Hannahowo new video ?????

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2021.09.27 03:07 nef_d Karaoke Bar, Melbourne Australia.

Karaoke Bar, Melbourne Australia.
Am I seeing things?
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2021.09.27 03:07 Class_Wooden Spoilers in Netflix trailer

i hate how Netflix put wayyyy to many spoilers in the trailer thing. i personally don’t like how they spoil the end of season 1, but whatever since it’s been a while since it came out.
but they put a little to much about season 2. like the dead bloody person in his cage (delilah). but while you’re in the beginning of the show, you don’t know who it is. but once you get to like the episode before, you know. and it ruins a big point in the show. or Forty questioning Joe. not as big of a deal as the Delilah part, but still ruins things.
tho i do like the misleading part about Joe being put inside a cell. makes the viewer who hasn’t seen the season think he was caught.
just i hate how netflix does it. they do it with quite a few shows too.
and i maybe wrong blaming it on Netflix. it could be lifetime who are dumb asf and give these major spoilers.
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2021.09.27 03:07 Mysterious_Reason_61 😏

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2021.09.27 03:07 ngo_dm_aa Road to 1100 Subs - help me reach the goal

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2021.09.27 03:07 mexipapas [WTS] (Citizen) (Eagle 7) (silver 120usd shipped conus minty)

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2021.09.27 03:07 Jpazz0 What does the “DPAAXXR013” in the bottom right of this stick of RAM mean? I’m trying to find matching sticks of RAM, found one on eBay but the number in the bottom right is different, while everything else is the same.

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2021.09.27 03:07 SadRobotz A couple shots of my shrimpy boys from today, colonies are getting larger!

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2021.09.27 03:07 vubulubu ¿Cuánto tiempo les tomó volver a estar bien después de tener covid?

Ya estoy saliendo del covid, fue algo leve gracias a Dios (respeten) pero aún me siento con fatiga.
Es común sentir fatiga después del covid? Que otros cambios han notado?
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2021.09.27 03:07 Tai_Chi420 Why is the rogue knight not dropping aeterneus?

Does the rogue knight not always drop aeterneus? I have been fighting him for a while and he has not dropped it yet. I have just been reloading saves until he does and I am wondering if I am missing something?
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2021.09.27 03:07 WaterMeLoan64 Somewhere in the Multiverse…

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