Vintage Cars iPhone 12 mini

2021.09.27 02:16 Far-Celebration-7855 Vintage Cars iPhone 12 mini

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2021.09.27 02:16 -Anii-1228- Just a little announcement about the redesigning :]

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2021.09.27 02:16 issaaamo Wrote this Facebook post seven years ago and can’t remember what trilogy I was talking about!

Below is a Facebook post I wrote seven years ago after finishing a trilogy. It isn’t Hunger Games or Divergent!
My least favorite thing in the world: reading the end of a trilogy where the sweet, shy, lovable, main character goes ape shit, kills everybody and then doesn't have to pay a price for it. Even after she ruined the relationship of her best friend and her boyfriend. Even though the boyfriend is one of the most amazing characters I've ever had the experience of reading ever.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.27 02:16 NoGuamWalmart Diet-Legal Fast Food

Look, we all know that some days you just can't bring a lunch with you. Personally, I work multiple jobs and sometimes shifts coincide such that I have 30 minutes to locate dinner somewhere between two different cities. What are your on-menu solutions at chains that lots of people will have nearby? Hard mode: No salads.
My favorite right now is getting a burrito bowl from one of the Subway-style Mexican-inspired restaurants-- Chipotle nationally, or hometown favorite Pancheros. Skip the rice and cheese and everything else is totally legal! Anybody else got hacks at major chains?
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2021.09.27 02:16 snipecity99 Media Day?

I’m going to the United States Grand Prix in a couple weeks and it’ll be my first time at a GP. I’ve been trying to figure out the best chances to get signatures and pictures with the drivers and was wondering if getting into media day is possible in anyway. If anyone knows this information or if you just have some tips for my first gp experience I’d really appreciate any conversations. Thank you
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2021.09.27 02:16 uclatherapy What are my options for therapy/psychiatric services with private insurance (i.e. not UCSHIP)? Must be either on/near campus or virtual.

My insurance is Anthem Bluecross.

  1. I believe CAPS accepts non-UCSHIP students for a $15 fee. Does private insurance not cover this at all?
  2. Are there alternative UCLA therapy/psych services for individuals with private insurance? I've heard of things like BHS but am not familiar with what they are.
  3. Any experiences with therapist/psychiatrists near or on campus? I need recommendations. Thanks everyone. :)
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2021.09.27 02:16 dirtyharrison Riddles of the Sphinx - An Introduction to Egyptian Mysteries

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2021.09.27 02:16 2_Blue 'Tall Man Ghost' spotted in creepy video

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2021.09.27 02:16 FickleTrust When do I get to play against other decks?

I think I've played against white lifegain 8 times in a row. Do I ever get to play against other decks in this game? It's incredibly obnoxious and I'm starting to think about uninstalling because I'm so bored at seeing the same exact cards every time I hit the play button.
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2021.09.27 02:16 TorontoRaptors34 What was the point in signing DJ?

Honestly I feel its a bad move. In theory he here to prove BK wrong when he jus takin up space the most logical reason I feel he got signed was to maybe give insite on BK schemes but thats it. I say this cuz with Bron and AD expected to move to 4 and 5. Ion see how DJ fits especially with Dwight being a lot more proven as a back up center. Theres no reason for DJ to be there. Maybe he a 3rd stringer but still AD should be playing center majority of the time. Last yr he played 4 more than he ever played and it was by far his worst season since his rookie year. U could argue to immideacy of the season starting was a factor he was even struggling with heal issues dating back to the finals but regardless it was his worst season even before the injury. He shoulda thrived in BK especially in the pick n roll but he couldn’t catch lobs and played next to no defense. Javale fit cuz he was more dynamic and actually played D. Also aside from round 1 Javale was barely used in the playoffs. The domination occurred when AD played 5. I think AD would stay healthier playing 5 cause theres less lateral movement. This video proves why. I could see Bron playing more like Magic in 96. I think Bron could actually be the most dominant at 4. Cuz hes a cheat code in the post. Ad and Bron at 3/4 provides no spacing especially with Russ on the floor thats a recipe for disaster. AD at 4 plays like a guard and takes his size advantage out the game. If he locks in at 5 he’ll be 1 of the best. Therefore DJ signing makes no sense. At least with Rondo he has a brilliant mind and a proven winner who is tryna be an assistant when he retires and is headed in that direction so for him to get signed is a good option. Especially given that he can be a spark plug in the playoffs if somebody fuckin up and a mentor to THT, Monk, and Nunn. He is also got a good connection with AD and even said that if he played with Bron no team beating that. So far 1-0.
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2021.09.27 02:16 internetuser239 Ginger cat

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2021.09.27 02:16 kickingcancer Is this necessary?

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2021.09.27 02:16 dirtyharrison What do users of this community want from their community?

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2021.09.27 02:16 SalientCaptain Salvage 2 year relationship or leave and fix dysfunctional loops?

I’m a 45yo M. I dated my 36yo girlfriend around 2 years ago. We met online and had good chemistry. We started dating dating casually then saw each other more regularly. After a few months, I was leaving on a planned 1 month trip to Colombia with male friends. She wasn’t comfortable with me leaving for so long and threatened to break up with me if I took the trip. We talked about it further and I convinced her to keep things going. I promised to be faithful on my trip and kept my word.
When I returned, our relationship resumed as normal. We went to parties and restaurants together. We had very compatible personalities and interests. Despite her being the first non-college educated girl I’ve dated, things felt good.
When the lockdown started, she started spending more and more at my place. I own a fairly large spacious townhouse. She was living with a messy slobby stoner in a small apartment. I didn’t mind her staying over occasionally. However, she started spending more time at my place than hers.
I discovered her problem with food. She like to eat lots of carbs and is generally lazy in her downtime. We were living fairly healthy before the lockdown. During the lockdown, we both let ourselves go a bit. However, I felt like I was constantly the voice of moderation. She was frequently cramming unhealthy stacks into her mouth.
At the same time, I had several online dating app account still active. I mostly ignored them. As my girlfriend starting gaining weight, I started using the apps more. I never made any plans for meetups … just seeing what else was out there. She found out and made me delete the active apps. I told her I was bored in the relationship and was concerned about her weight.
She moved in after 6 months and starting paying rent. We had another good few months then I started browsing dating sites again. Meanwhile, she kept eating junk and gaining weight. This happened a few more times. The last time she caught me on a dating site, I told her I was no longer attracted to her and wanted to see other people. She said she had a bad back for a few months and would start working out after that. She was silent for a few days then things got calm and mostly happy again. We oscillated between being harmonious and me becoming disinterested.
Furthermore, she lost her fulltime job and was spending more and more time on the couch watching TikTok or watching YouTube. I was working remotely fulltime in a stressful job. It irritated me seeing her on the sofa for hours while I worked.
Last week, we had a good conversation where she gave me some good advice about a problem that’s been bothering me for a while. Out of the blue, she said that her friend found me on dating site. She told me to delete it. I didn’t say anything. She asked her if I want to break up with her because of her body shape. I said yes. She moved her stuff out of our bedroom and is in the guest room. She says she’ll start looking for another place.
I realize the unhealthy dynamic I caused by never being fully invested. I tried … but maybe not hard enough. It was hard to stay engaged through the weight gain, her moving in prematurely, and sitting on the couch. I’ve been thinking of ways to break the dysfunctional behavior loops that led to this point. It’s a shame because we had very compatible personalities. On the other hand, trust has been broken and chemistry has been frayed several times.
Has anyone every managed to escape a dysfunctional cycle like this? Should I try to salvage things? I’m consulting a therapist to see if I can break these dysfunctional behavior loops.
For my/our learnings, what would have been a better way to handle things if I could go back in time?
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2021.09.27 02:16 Ohnomypants1234 Is there a way to see what songs were downloaded in what month?

I am trying to see what songs I downloaded during December of 2020 and I am unsure if it is possible. Any tips?
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2021.09.27 02:16 DGdoubleU Far Cry 6 Trailer

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2021.09.27 02:16 Tight_Distribution31 I was born ambidextrous but can’t throw with as good with right hand

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2021.09.27 02:16 j03l5k1 Investment funds hate him….

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2021.09.27 02:16 NotEven-Punk I missed the 69 thousand mark, but here's me at 7,420 lmao

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2021.09.27 02:16 LassannnfromImgur What's the first delicious cheat meal you guys are gonna celebrate with when MOASS begins? I'm thinking a world-class, gourmet cheeseburger.

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2021.09.27 02:16 dirtyharrison so much for OPSEC... these c*nts blocked an in depth 432hz tutorial I made. and f*ck it I'm looking to start gathering. There's more of us than them

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2021.09.27 02:16 thelostprotogen1 i heard, (art is by me)

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2021.09.27 02:16 Brendan-carlin What is something that no child should experience or know?

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2021.09.27 02:16 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 02:16 Psychopathicat7 This fish wants to explore this sub, can you guys let him in?

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