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am i shadowbanned?
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2021.09.27 02:41 PRetardedApe We want you in prison kenny…!

Lies under oath… is punishable with jail… 🙏🏻 is this too much asking? 😂 💎🙌🏻🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2021.09.27 02:41 Leo9991 My mic sounds absolutely awful only in Discord. Some help with settings/just setting it up in general would be greatly appreciated.

I have a hyperx quadcast and it just sounds awful in discord for whatever reason. I can do a pure(no filters or anything) recording of my voice with the microphone and it sounds great, but whenever I listen to myself on discord there's a ton of white noise, my voice cuts off etc. What can I do? What settings are recommended?
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Looking for solar alphas, its fine if bundled with other kits, pm me. No shine, preferably brand new.
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My AC was broken for awhile and the repair guy said to keep the upstairs AC 2 degrees cooler than the downstairs AC (separate units). I know heat rises, so is this advice correct?
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2021.09.27 02:41 HaniverSays Contenders China S2: Regular Season 2 - UP Academy vs. Team Chaser Recap

"The Worst Best Game This Season" Edition.

UP Academy come into this game against the reigning champions on the highest of highs. With a 3-0 victory over The One Winner on the day previous, UP had secured the best result in a stage of Contenders by any iteration of Guangzhou Charge academy team. Five straight match wins with not a single map dropped, guaranteeing them a better finish here than their previous team record - a 4-3 in the previous split. They are the first team locked in for this split's knockout stages and have come a long from having to dip back into Trials multiple times throughout 2020.
Their opponents, reigning Contenders China champions and Chengdu Hunters academy Team Chaser, had an equally easy outing the day before with a quick 3-0 win over Bull Frog in Well. A very strong team as always, Chaser had nonetheless hit a stumbling block at the end of the previous week in the form of a narrow loss to the region's heirs apparent, Bilibili Gaming.
These two academy teams had last faced off in the previous split's knockout stages, both having been knocked into the lower bracket by Bilibili. Though not seen as much of a threat at the time UP Academy would surprise everyone by making the series a close one, the series going to a fifth map before Team Chaser claimed the win. This wasn't expected to continue into the second split's rematch between the two however, with UP Academy losing crucial parts of their team in the interim and requiring a number of roster re-shuffles and a late off-tank signing.
UP had recovered well from the problems that they'd run into this season and that was enough, a 5-0 start to the stage actually being the team over-performing considering the circumstances. After stumbling against Bilibili the previous week, this was going to be Team Chaser claiming another win over the remaining academy team and clawing their way closer to another rematch against the team that had just beaten them by inches.
These teams' storylines are both fairly straight-forward leading in and while they would cross here they were very much not meant to impact each other's stories.
You can find the vod of this match here on Bilibili. Map 1 - Ilios This is where things started going off the rails for Team Chaser. The team's starting off-tank player Ni "Riven" Yuandong was taken ill - later revealed to be their bronchitis worsening to the degree that they had trouble walking - and was unable to play. Chaser have a larger roster than most others in the region, but while they do have a second off-tank player signed in the form of Ma "LateYoung" Tianbin they were unable to play due to their continued involvement in the main Hunters roster's matches.
That meant that the team's playing coach Zhang "YangXiaoLong" Zhihao would have to sub themselves in once again, but this time on the off-tank role.
With Team Chaser now fielding a different starting team than expected, the biggest asterisk of this match would rear its ugly head to loom over the eventual series result. Team Chaser's starting six is different than the roster they had submitted - one that of course had Riven starting rather than YangXiaoLong. That, apparently, is a map forfeit.
UP Academy lead the series 1-0. Map 2 - King's Row The actual series would get underway on King's Row. Both teams very much have styles that they prefer. For weeks now UP Academy would be settling into favouring a double shield composition, a decision that had only been reinforced by Ji-hun "Jihun" Kim's late addition to the team. Most people know of Jihun's Wrecking Ball play of course, but not many know or remember that he is also a fantastic Orisa. With their brand new off-tank player Jae-in "OFF" Lee also putting in some great performances on Sigma so far in his few starts for the team, it's obvious what composition UP are focusing on for the short-term.
Team Chaser have found success with dive compositions in the past, making use of Zhou "XRAY" Xiyan's disruption-heavy Wrecking Ball style generally alongside star DPS Li "Apr1ta" Yuanjinghao's Tracer. More recently the team had been branching out into double bubble compositions as XRAY becomes more comfortable with Winston. It had been working well, though XRAY would still struggle on Winston against certain compositions - those employing Ashe and Zenyatta together especially - on occasion. This would be the composition that they would lean on most heavily today, putting YangXiaoLong on the Zarya.
UP Academy would defend first on that double shield composition, while Chaser roll out their attack with double bubble. UP would immediately look to use a strategy that Bilibili Gaming had used against Chaser the previous week, splitting their defence and leaving Jihun alone on the capture point with the rest of the team on high ground. Chaser engage, split their attention between the bulk of UP and the Orisa and the window would open right up for Cao "SeaWave" Yuzhong to find an opening pick and stop the fight dead.
Chaser's next attack wouldn't be as successful for UP, Apr1ta immediately putting enough pressure onto Jihun to force a retreat and cut off healing while XRAY dives into the rest of the team. Without their distraction and off-angle pressure and now being assaulted by Chaser's Winston, Genji and Zarya while attempting to keep Jihun alive, UP Academy would swiftly lose this fight.
This would very much set the pace for the rest of this round, the defence attempting to set up this split strategy - sending OFF's Sigma to the off-angles this time for point B - and Chaser take the opportunity to pile on, take the easy pick and then just claim the fight win with player and ultimate advantage. The Guangzhou academy would find a couple of stops along the way with smart defensive ultimate usage but would make the same mistakes fight after fight, enabling their opponents to find an easy split-off pick every time due to their mistakes in positioning.
Team Chaser fully cap King's Row with 2:27 remaining. A healthy time bank.
XRAY moves onto the Wrecking Ball for the defence, while UP stick with their same double shield. UP Academy show a little adaptation here, still insisting on this split push but now leaving Zou "MYKaylee" Zijie's Tracer on the off-angles with their Orisa, hoping to alleviate the pressure that the opposing Tracer has been putting on Jihun. This works nicely, Jihun is able to make it to the capture point while the rest of the team rotates through the high ground, and UP capture point A with their first attack. They show great awareness of XRAY and Liu "Kaneki" Nian's positioning (Kaneki now on the Tracer) through the streets phase and eventually rumble onto point C after a couple of attempts.
Something worth noting is that YangXiaoLong's Graviton Surges have been decent so far this game, though lack the fight-ending potential that Riven's generally have. UP Academy find almost the entire team caught in these ultimates a few times, but smartly save their CC abilities and the odd Baptiste ultimate to prevent much in the way follow-up from Chaser. Again, UP showing good awareness of their opponents' ultimate statuses. A good example of this is shown as UP cap point B, the entire team caught in a Graviton Surge but the fight being salvaged by Zhang "Charon" Jingkun's continued fantastic Baptiste play.
Kaneki switches from Tracer to Genji for Chaser's point C defence and serves up some lowlight plays along the way, dying by falling off of the map twice in the space of a minute and a half, the second time during a Nano-Blade. UP Academy put SeaWave on Widowmaker and Jihun on Wrecking Ball as an answer to Apr1ta's own Widowmaker for their final push, eventually capping in overtime.
With two and a half minutes to find 33% of point A, Chaser come out on double bubble again with Kaneki back on Genji, often used in China for cracking open these first capture points. MYKaylee on Tracer finds a few quick kills after Team Chaser's engage to end the first fight quickly, but after continued pressure on the second push UP dip a foot off the point long enough for Chaser to take the map.
That forfeit advantage for UP Academy, gone.
Series tied at 1-1. Map 3 - Rialto Both teams roll out with the same compositions again for Rialto. Team Chaser attacking first, they find an incredibly decisive first fight win after an incredible Biotic Grenade from Kong "Kyo" Chunting. Their entire tank line deprived of healing, UP crumble and Kyo effectively secures Chaser point A with a single key press.
UP Academy prove difficult to displace from the staircase on point B, Jihun playing around that part of the map very nicely and the team following up on their Supercharger ultimate very efficiently to find a quick hold. They would win the next fight too with some nice defensive ultimate usage from OFF and Charon. However, the team would be very much caught off guard while chasing kills by a YangXiaoLong Graviton Surge, handing over point B to Chaser after a Pulse Bomb from Apr1ta and a quick skirmish afterward. SeaWave had switched over to McCree by this point, an effective comfort pick against compositions as mobile as Chaser's. Indeed, it would shut down Team Chaser's first push into point C immediately afterwards, working well in conjunction with Jihun's Halt! usage to completely shut down XRAY.
Even against all of this CC, Apr1ta is incredible in being able to find kills on players that are over-extending even slightly. A kill onto OFF opens point C up completely, requiring hero plays from MYKaylee's Tracer and SeaWave to salvage a defence. Team Chaser are held to 2 points on their attack, a good defensive showing from UP Academy all things considered.
UP Academy's attack is a different story entirely. Sticking with the same compositions yet again, UP would have fights alternating between losing brawls to Chaser's Winston and Zarya in close quarters and losing early to Ashe poke and Genji assassinations. The awareness that they've shown so far just seems to disappear, Apr1ta laying waste to the team's squishy heroes from behind seemingly most fights. It takes UP the full four minutes to even reach the second corner of Rialto's point A and that's as far as the payload goes. A dominant map win from Team Chaser.
Team Chaser lead the series 2-1. Map 4 - Hanamura That Team Chaser dominance continues right away on Hanamura. With a slightly more traditional dive tank line of Winston and D.Va and a bunker-busting DPS line-up of Sombra and Reaper, Chaser find the opening pick onto OFF's Sigma within seconds, capping point A just over a minute into the map. UP Academy still insisting on these lone tank off-angles has not paid off past the first fight of this series, yet here we are on map point and they are still trying it.
Faced with a 5 minute defence of point B, UP manage to prevent a snowball with some nice positioning to avoid Kaneki's EMP and a surprisingly healthy bank of ultimates themselves. OFF plays some Wrecking Ball initially for point B, having switched as soon as he died on Sigma. Most of UP ended up charging their ultimates during that limp point A defence by backing away and just poking at Team Chaser. This serves them well here on point B, quickly winning two consecutive fights and draining three minutes from their opponents' time bank while maintaining a nice ultimate economy.
Kaneki's suspect EMP usage returns here for their next push, finding a solo EMP onto an already-doomed OFF. They are forced out onto the balcony by MYKaylee's Echo-duplicated D.Va before finding the pick as Kaylee over-extends. This leads to everybody's favourite bit of Assault game mode goodness when MYKaylee returns 10 seconds later on the Bastion. UP capitalise nicely on the positioning that this forces out from Chaser and just like that, the titanic 5 minute time bank is now down to under a minute.
Having been slowly switching over to a brawl composition player by player for the last couple of minutes, Chaser make the full conversion with a Mei and Baptiste for the final 40 seconds of play. UP Academy's split strategy finally comes in clutch here, with the bait of a lone Orisa on the point finally giving OFF and the rest of UP - now with a double flex support backline - the room and opportunity to find those poke picks.
UP Academy successfully defend point B for over 5 minutes, giving up just over two ticks.
Team Chaser opt for the Soldier: 76 on defence, a cute little pick that they've been exercising a lot recently to apply pressure on off-angles through opposing teams' rotations - very smart considering they're playing against double shield. This leaves Kaneki on the Echo, a hero that they have very much been struggling on recently though you would struggle to notice that in how dominant of a first fight Chaser have on defence here.
On the next engage, Jihun and OFF find a pick each before XRAY uses Primal Rage, securing a kill onto Charon and single-handedly keeping the rest of UP at the chokepoint. A fantastic little hero play. But.
Jihun is still behind XRAY. While the rest of UP are being pushed back, Jihun's just moving through the chokepoint by himself, even after OFF backs up to help the rest of the team. Jihun's already found one pick in this fight, but he goes and finds another. And then another, before just walking through to point A. XRAY didn't even over-extend that much, but of all heroes to slip past and eliminate half of the team, it's an Orisa. This is how UP Academy cap point A and this match has officially gone off the deep end.
The 'Weird Overwatch' floodgates are burst wide open and with a four minute time bank and massive ultimate advantage, UP snowball into a very quick point B cap. What on Earth is this game turning into?
Series tied at 2-2. Map 5 - Busan Control has proven to be a game mode that Team Chaser look incredible on all season and during this regular season have made the most use of Soldier: 76 on this mode, using him alongside XRAY's Wrecking Ball as a roaming death squad. This duo is able to apply off-angle pressure constantly, pumping out good damage and able to follow teams through their rotations while remaining mobile enough to pull back and peel as needed. It's a very cute little strategy and on no other map has it been as effective as Busan.
UP Academy are lucky to be here at all. If that first map was played, if Riven hadn't fallen ill, there is good reason to believe that this would have been a 3-0 loss for them. As it stands, the series is tied once more at 2-2 and at the very least UP can walk away with a 3-2 loss and still call that a good day at the office. With how strong Chaser have been on Busan in particular, this series was over as soon as the maps were drawn.
As promised, it was an extremely one-sided map 5.
UP Academy play this one differently. Team Chaser have a set strategy for this map, one that's proven to be extremely effective. That also means it's extremely readable. Both teams come out with brawl compositions for MEKA Base, expected for Team Chaser who have been toying with the composition more and more on Control lately but very much a surprise from UP Academy who have been dedicated to double shield regardless of game mode. UP opt to stick with the Symmetra while Chaser predictably go with Apr1ta on Soldier: 76.
Chaser lose the first fight resoundingly, Jihun on the Reinhardt counter-engaging straight into their back-line after a misplaced Ice Wall from Kaneki. For the following fight SeaWave shows their worth on the Symmetra for another decisive fight win, upon which Apr1ta switches from the Soldier onto Hanzo. On the other side of the Mei coin, MYKaylee would have some fantastic Ice Walls this round and would be key in salvaging a 4v6 fight alongside OFF's Sigma.
A supremely clutch fight from YangXiaoLong on the Sigma, eating MYKaylee's Blizzard and finding multiple kills in the aftermath would only gift Team Chaser 24% on the board before another fight loss and a commanding round win for UP Academy.
The next sub-map is Sanctuary, undoubtedly the best round for Chaser's Wrecking Ball and Soldier: 76 off-angle strategy. As expected, they lock it in early while UP roll out with what we've all wanted to see ever since they were made a two-way: the Jihun Wrecking Ball. In my opinion, this is the round that proves why UP Academy should be considered a threat from this point forward.
Between MYKaylee's Tracer, Jihun's Wrecking Ball and Charon's Zenyatta UP Academy wrestle control over every flank from Team Chaser and their composition entirely built to do that. UP manage an early fight win here with a very aggressive engage onto YangXiaoLong and simply don't let go of the point again. Kaneki gets a couple of kills with the Tracer, but overall UP Academy just suffocate their opponents out of those off-angles that Chaser vitally needed to make their own composition work. UP Academy pull this playstyle out of nowhere that they've not shown against any other team so far and it absolutely blows the reigning champions away.
The flanks are patrolled by MYKaylee and Jihun, SeaWave and Charon are constantly taking pot shots and when things get hairy there's always the option of falling back to the team's "core" on the control point of Sigma and Brigitte.
Out of absolutely nowhere, UP Academy come out with this strategy on what is surely one of Team Chaser's best maps and win. 200% to Chaser's 24%.
UP Academy win 3-2. Shifting Sands As mentioned, there is a huge asterisk looming over this series and the question we're left with is an important one. Just how much importance can we place on this win when one of the teams was unable to utilise one of their starting players? On the face of it this genuinely seems like a series where the better team ended up losing, if that were the case it would be down to that map forfeit. This would well have been a 3-0 win for Team Chaser, or a 3-1 at the very least. But UP Academy are no strangers to having their starting roster affected by things out of their control and they've come through them all looking even stronger.
YangXiaoLong really didn't look bad on the off-tank role, either. They had fight-winning plays, they were a genuine problem at times. They still played fantastically, they looked as coordinated as ever and Was this really such a handicap that it can take a win away from UP Academy?
I don't think so, I think UP deserve credit for this win. Not even just because they won though, more because of how they did it. This brings me to the main point that I had in mind when deciding to write this and go a little more in-depth for this match.
Jung-min "SAND" Ham is UP Academy's coach. Some of you might recognise their name from their time coaching T1 in Contenders Korea, where they led the team to a weekly tournament win in early-2020. SAND joined UP back in July for this season of Contenders and the team has been looking better and better almost every game.
That would be an achievement in itself, but SAND has achieved this through so many problems at this point and the team still looks better and more coordinated with every single change that they've had to make. Losing the team's initial off-tank, having to have MYKaylee swap roles. Losing the team's star DPS player to Contenders rule changes, swapping MYKaylee's role yet again and integrating a brand new off-tank mid-season. UP Academy have looked better through all of these changes.
Not only that, but now bringing surprise strategies out for high-stakes games. Ones that are so obviously tailor-made to their opponents and ones that, as we saw here, turn out to be so effective they can hold a team to only capping 24% of one of their best maps. SAND has delivered this team its best regular season, its best knockout round finish and then immediately one-upped that regular season finish in a big way.
It's difficult to state exactly how much of an impact SAND has had on this team, but UP Academy were a joke throughout 2020. They were an excuse of an academy team, nothing more. Even through the first half of 2021 the team was only average at best before a surprise upset at the end of the season.
Under coach SAND, UP have become a team that can genuinely challenge. They can win important games and they can win them in ways that come out of absolutely nowhere. That's what we saw here. It's not so much that they won, it's the way that they managed it. And that's why UP Academy can claim this as a proper win.
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2021.09.27 02:41 Pale_Bike8589 request of any games

I think it's boring to do this but come on, would anyone have any recommendation for a game with a not so great focus on the stories and more focused on battles, as I said I find it boring to be doing this type of question but I would like someone to tell me some
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2021.09.27 02:41 Jerkob03 We know…

All right we get it! There’s a f**king brawler coming in the game!
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2021.09.27 02:41 MustBeTheMusic80 Does God give special honor and blessings to those who turn the other cheek towards those who are being mean to them?

I sometimes wonder about that because I do have a strong admiration towards others who turn the other cheek.
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1 weeks comedown I don’t feel any better what should I do??
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2021.09.27 02:41 systemcrashE404 Mega Houndoom, first five will receive an invite!

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5047 6685 2081!
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2021.09.27 02:41 Area-Least How will the state of emergency end?

I'm curious how you think the state of emergency declaration will end? Will it be based on how we are doing or how other countries are doing? Endemic vs Pandemic?
It was only ever meant to be temporary but we have 'needed' it for 2 years now. Yes some powers are needed but some are pretty full on and circumvent many laws we have (entering a house without a warrant, detaining people, taking them away, quarantine, huge police presence etc).
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2021.09.27 02:41 PinguOOfty Guess which one is Churchill

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