So, now what?

2021.09.27 03:56 YMHdb So, now what?

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2021.09.27 03:56 NALTP_Announcer [REACT] MLTP S25W3 Majors

React to the matches of the week!
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2021.09.27 03:56 OnlyVonte Why Has 2021 been a rough year for you?

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2021.09.27 03:56 -Ludicrous_Speed- Is it too early to start getting delusional?

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2021.09.27 03:56 amoralducksauce lowkey one of my fav places to go are asian markets/grocers

yeah im that type of white
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2021.09.27 03:56 GearEarly What do you wish you got taught in school?

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2021.09.27 03:56 Brilliant_Customer_8 RP that’s a REAL PERKY πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜Š

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2021.09.27 03:56 23World Always someone wants to do some shyiat

Week of Sep 20-Sep 26
DoorDash pay $43.75
Customer tip $198.24
Active time 4 hr 02 m
Dash time 16 hr 58 m
Deliveries 17
Also, spent 16 hr 41 m declining orders less than $7.50 and go more than 4 miles away, and only accept neighborhoods with no apartments, with one exception where I got punk'd - the apartment was directly behind walgreen w/1 item (sounds EASY !) then found out after accept customer wanted Qty 8 gal of 1 item (water) but so sorry too bad for yr luck, told customer WG only had 2 LOLha ha (who got punk'd now?) got tip ne way : it's believable cuz walgeen inventory is consistently not accurate.
This resulted in acceptance rate drop to 3%
Seems like DD throws a bone (7.50) once an hour LOL I sit at home and decline until the one I want comes along.
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2021.09.27 03:56 ReelSchool If you saw my first interviews with the Cast and Crew of COME FROM AWAY - Here's part 2 of the cast! De'Lon Grant, Emily Walton and Jim Walton!

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2021.09.27 03:56 vtff13 Look at me bb, i do not care ❀

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2021.09.27 03:56 ghostbonerrrr Said it was a curtisii at the store but I'm not sure

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2021.09.27 03:56 Conversational_Gal My IRL reddit love story

I’ll try to keep this brief haha. Background: this summer I was 19 years old, an American college student, generally just young and inexperienced. I was in an extremely dangerous abusive relationship for 5 years.
I was perusing Reddit for one of the first times ever, stumbled upon a dirty confessions sub of course, and decided to make a text post about my sexual but also romantic fantasies. About wanting to be desired, cherished, and loved.
A 20 year old guy from Scotland messaged me, and from then on I kid you not we have never stopped talking. I ended my serious 5 year relationship within 5 days of talking to reddit boy. We talked, completely fell in love over our common interests, vast differences, and amazing chemistry. He supported me through my messy and confusing break up, was patient through all my struggles, and understands how my mind works. He helped me escape a situation I never thought I’d break away from. I decided to book a plane ticket to meet him 3500 miles away.
We had the most meaningful, romantic, whirlwind 10 days together. Filled with love, sex, laughs, and beautiful memories. I’ll never forget the experiences we shared in Edinburgh and his home village. I left Scotland at the end of this august because my college classes started back up again. But I’m flying back to Scotland in less than a week and staying with him for a month. I’m so thrilled to be with my love again.
It’s new, but it’s real. 3500 miles distance, 5 hour time difference, but it’s real love. Life is funny that way isn’t it? ❀️ I’m now safe, desired, cherished, and loved.
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2021.09.27 03:56 ScottMacho Hey guys did I get em right? .. these are translucent under light . feedback would be much appreciated

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2021.09.27 03:56 huichoger Xbox series controller button not working

Hi, has anyone here experienced problems with their controller buttons? I got 3 controllers and the only button that works on all 3 is the xbox button, the sticks and lt and rt work fine, but I can't use them at all, I have trΓ­es updating them and pair them with my pc but that doesn't solve the issue
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2021.09.27 03:56 Hot-Chipmunk3502 Is there an official or most recognized TVZ logo or insignia?

I've only discovered Townes Van Zandt in the last year, but I've been listening to him so much now that I want to make a patch for my jacket. But almost all the albums have a different logo or font and most are very generic looking. Are there any logos or designs relating to TVZ that you guys think would be good for a patch?
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2021.09.27 03:56 sn4k3byt3s H: weapons, stimpaks, caps flux W: enclave flamer mods, unrolled enclave flamers with reflex, caps/flux for some (willing to bundle)

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2021.09.27 03:56 Ok_Stock_2767 One of my biggest concerns is climate change. In the State of Tennessee, Environmentally clean jobs is my priority. I want to pass a clean energy standard that will make utilities go green and clean, while not harming the economy.

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2021.09.27 03:56 icyteaa_ Dress code

Are we allowed to wear sweatpants?
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2021.09.27 03:56 RandomAccount49372 Having trouble completing a sideways encounter

I've been trying to complete a sideways encounter for a while now but I haven't been able to do it solo, would anyone want to play together and help me complete it?
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2021.09.27 03:56 MayhemMessiah [Yu-Gi-Oh!] The Battle Beast Saga, Or, How Arc-V Rated Worse Than 10 Minutes Of Nothing.

After some of the fantastic writeups from MisterBadGuy159, I've been reminiscing on this weird time in the history of the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Some of you may be aware of this, but not all Yu-Gi-Oh series are created equal, so gather around as I try to recall the story of how Arc-V, the fifth series in the franchise, essentially crashed and burned. Hard.
Yu-Gi-Oh is a massively popular franchise best known for the successful anime, and the very succesful trading card game. This post is going to focus on the anime side of things, though much can be said about the TCG. Most people will be familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (DM for short) which saw young Yugi Muto, Dark Magician, The Egyptian God Cards, and it's fair share of absolute bullshit (as a fun fact, this bizarre moment in the show was immortalized in a card aptly named Attack the Moon! ). The series was widely successful and ran for five seasons from 2000 to 2004. After the series concluded, the franchise would return the following month with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX which lasted from 2004 to 2008, and while still great, it wasn't nearly as a cultural phenomenon as DM. GX was in turn followed by Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's from 2008 to 2011. 5D's was in my humble opinion one of the best of the lot, but again, didn't do so hot, with some episodes straight up not getting a dub from 4Kids Entertainment as well as some fun legal drama.
Despite this, the franchise trucked on, with the fourth series Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (Pronounced Ze-al), came in 2011, ending with Zexal II in 2014. Now, it's worth talking a little bit about the protagonist Yuma Tsukumo, the boy with the sharpest hairdo. Zexal was very divisive within the fanbase, and Yuma was a huge part of why. You see, typically, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! series are known to be highly competent and strong duellists, but Yuma starts the series as a novice and a goofball, often requiring people to explicitly tell him what to do. While he grows as a duellist and by the end of the series is a force to be reckoned with in his own right, the early bad impression he left combined with a lot of pointless filler duels, and quite a bit of comedy that didn't land for everybody, the early days of Zexal left a bad taste in people's mouth and for many, the series never quite recovered.
Whew! That's a lot of background but I hope to paint the picture that the franchise wasn't in a super great spot. Consistently, the DM era was far and away the most beloved and successful, and it felt like every successive show was liked slightly less, slightly less. Well, enter Arc-V.
The Pendulum Swings Back
Airing in 2014, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (get it? The fifth series) started off strong. You see, every series since DM had been focusing on alternate Summon Types. GX focused on Fusion, 5D's focused on Synchro, and Zexal focused on XYZ. The reason for this is twofold. First it introduces an exciting new way to play the game to keep everything fresh. Second, it allows Konami to sell new cards by printing new powerful cards that are easier to summon than the previous summon type. For the purposes of this story, you don't need to know how each summoning mechanic works, just that they were strongly tied to the identity of the series that introduced them.
Arc-V would not be an exception to this, and the show begins with resident goggle enjoyer Yuya Sakaki accidentally discovering something called Pendulum Summoning. To very briefly summarize, pendulum monsters can be played as both spells or monsters, and if you have two pendulum monsters played as spells, you can perform a Pendulum summon. That make sense? No? That's alright Konami doesn't get it either.
Anyway, Yuya accidentally creates a new summoning method in live TV, and instead of calling the judges the rest of the world just kinda goes with it. Yuya lives in Paradise City, known in Japan as Miami City because reasons, and like every series in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the game of Duel Monsters dominates life everywhere. There are several schools dedicated to teaching playing the game full time much like you might remember in GX. After some faffing about where Yuya struggles to understand the rules of the mechanic he created, we're slowly introduced to the main antagonist group of the series, Academia. You see, in this series, there's multiple dimensions! The one where Yuya lives is simply called the Standard Dimension, but the other previous Summoning Mechanics have their own Dimensions as well. In this case, the Fusion Dimension, which is heavily based on GX, has been invading other dimensions and taking over them through actual warfare. After beating you in a children's card game, they turn you into a children's card, which is a major bummer.
More drama and mystery get introduced with the arrival of two handsome lads, rugged survivalist Yuuto and evil douchebag Yuri. For reasons that aren't clear just now, everybody confuses these two with Yuya, as they appear to be Yuya's counterparts from the XYZ dimension and the Fusion dimension, respectively. Despite being widely different for us as an audience in universe the three are indistinguishable. Don’t question it. And, as we quickly learn, it appears that XYZ Dimension has already fallen, taken over by Fusion's goons, who are now threatening to destroy Standard Dimension as well.
Yuya at this point is doing his own thing; despite being a competent duellist, his personal goals is to bring E N T E R T A I N M E N T to the masses. He just wants to bring joy to people and duel in the most exciting way possible. As you can see in the ridiculously fantastic first opening, his arsenal of cards include dancing hippos and snakes with top hats. Hell his main line of monsters is called Performapal. But while he's not the best duellist, he's also really charismatic and fans at this point mostly like him quite a bit.
Resident scarf lord Reiji Akaba, who has been the overachieving teenage leader of Paradise City's most prestigious Duelling School (Think Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill), gathers up a group of Standard Dimension's strongest duellists and forms a group called The Lancers, which he will lead to glorious battle against the aggressors from Fusion Dimension in an all out war. Needless to say, this setup was amazing, and the first season of Arc-V is among my favourite of all of Yu-Gi-Oh! as a whole. There's so much I'm glossing over here but I highly recommend you watch this arc.
And just drop the series when it gets to the second one.
Enter Synchro City
Episode 53 marks the end of the Standard Dimension Arc. One of Yuya's besties and childhood friend Yuzu Hiiragi who up until this point was a decent duellist, is chased by Yuri and through some shenanigans, ends up in the Synchro Dimension. This dimension is an almost carbon copy of the world of 5D's, with a very similar focus on CARD GAMES ON MOTORCICLES. Yuzu is rescued by Yuya's Synchro Equivalent, the man with the banana hair Yugo, who immediately confuses her with somebody else that he knows. As it turns out, Yuzu also has counterparts in all other dimensions, one of which we've already met, and two others that will barely ever appear and do nothing for the plot, because after the first major arc, the series decides that all women are not to do anything important for the plot.
You may be wondering what the Lancers are up to? We've left off at a very high tension moment of declaring war to Fusion, who is on a warpath to destroy other dimensions. After some portal shenanigans, the group also ends up in Synchro Dimension, now looking to rescue Yuzu, whom they've lost. And it's here that Arc-V starts to falter, hard. The entirety of the Synchro Arc is basically a waste of time. Instead of focusing on the Fusion problem, the writers decide to make this entire arc about a tournament whose impact has next to nothing to do with the rest of the plot. And, who is that I see? Why, it's Jack Atlas. Whoms't, you might ask? Jack Atlas was a major character in 5D's, essentially playing the role of Kaiba as the main rival to the protagonist. We also meet Crow Hogan, also from 5D's, as a loose equivalent to Joey Wheeler. What's going on? Well, in these alternate dimensions, it seems that some of the original characters from the original series are also kicking about. There's no Yusei in sight, but Jack mostly plays the same role as he usually would. However, Jack would quickly dominate the story for the remainder of the arc and indeed the series.
Characterization is sent to the Graveyard
In the interest of keeping this already long post from being longer, I'm going to start glossing over the major problems the series starts to show, specifically with characterization. First, is Yuya. During the Standard Dimension, he had a small character growth arc where he had to learn to trust in himself and be confident in order to improve as a duellist. However, soon after entering Synchro City, Jack kicks his ass and berates his way of duelling, sending Yuya into a depressive spiral that essentially restarts the exact same arc of him having to grow confident. Yuzu during the first arc was a wonderful addition to Yu-Gi-Oh! as a whole, as the franchise has a bad history of making the women characters worthless or just eye candy. She goes out of her way to train and learn Fusion Summoning on her own (before she knew the Fusion Dimension existed, mind you) and develops her own strategy splendidly. After Synchro starts? She's at best a damsel in distress, getting captured multiple times, and is constantly being rescued. For perspective, before episode 53 she participates in 8 duels, with a 4-2-2 record. For the entirety of the remainder of the show, she'll duel three more times, her last duel in episode 83. The Lancers? Everybody not named Yuya is basically reduced to jobber status. The majority of them basically only win against nameless mooks and loose to anybody with a known name. It's extra frustrating that Crow Hogan, who isn't an important character to the overall story, goes on to beat two of the Lancers just to establish him as a badass, when all you've done is devalue your "core" cast.
Needless to say, Synchro Arc is a mess.
And it doesn't get better
After an agonizing FIFTY episodes of the war against Fusion essentially being forgotten, we're back to it with the Heartland City arc, where we're finally going to be introduced to the XYZ dimension! Actually, no, scratch that. We stay in the XYZ dimension for all of 4 episodes, which are mostly wasted by introducing another legacy guest character from the Zexal show, who does nothing of note. Moving on.
The remainder of the show, up until the finale in episode 148, is mostly about the fight against Academia while invading them in the Fusion Dimension. While there's some good moments in here, something else starts to crop up. And it will be the beginning of the end for this show.
You see, around this time there was another Yu-Gi-Oh! product making some noise, Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side Of Dimensions, a brand new movie based on the Duel Monsters series. Yugi and Kaiba are back, and the movie had some pretty nice animation to it. The problem was, all that animation budget had to come from somewhere. I don't believe it's been officially confirmed, but the popular belief is that Arc-V's budget was absolutely slashed to divert funds into the Duel Monsters movie (remember how DM is consistently the most popular part of the franchise?). But do bear in mind that this is unconfirmed.
Production was definitively very, very troubled. Some deleted tweets from the animators complained that higherups didn't give them designs on time and told them to "draw whatever". This would all come to a head during the Battle Beast "arc".
The Cursed Episodes
Episode 118 introduces a character known as Battle Beast. The Lancers are now in full infiltration of Academia, who starts to send out its strongest students to defend itself. Battle Beast is stated to be one of the strongest students, too powerful to control, and acts like a primal beast. Almost completely mindless, absolutely aggressive and sadistic, he's introduced by easily thrashing three Lancers without breaking a sweat. Episodes 119 and 120 he thrashes FOUR Lancers, including Crow Hogan who is inexplicably still around. One Lancer is saved from jobbing by plot, but is still forced out of the fight. Episodes 120 to 122 see him take down another main Lancer as well as his own handler who waddled into the duel. It takes the combined effort of Yuya and Jack Atlas (who, again, was introduced as fanservice and by now isn't even trying to hide how much he's supplanted the Arc-V cast). For some context, Yami Yugi's showstopper duel against Marik took 5 episodes as well, but Marik was Final Boss tier. Battle Beast was a glorified mindless filler, and it took the same amount of time to finally axe him.
Reaction to this arc was... not good. At all. Japanese website NicoNico gave us the most stark indictment of the show: by the time Arc-V Episode 123 aired, the show dominated 8/10 spots in the site's worst episode list by rating, with Arc-V 122 having an astonishing 6.1%. One of two episodes that wasn't Arc-V in the top 10 was BTOOM Episode 6, which for technical problems, aired 10 minutes of completely black screen, and Arc-V Episode 122 rating lower than that.
Listing off the problems just to reiterate, a completely filler and boring character just took up 5 episodes doing fuckall except really, really hammer home how the Lancers- which were established as the best of the best- were jokes. Filler taking place at a critical point in the plot, after we wasted 50 episodes getting to the meat of the series. By the time the series would come to an end, Arc-V would dominate NicoNico's list of worst received episodes.
Oh and Episode 123 also sucks
To cap off this extremely garbage part of the show, we have episode 123. The show had introduced it's final legacy character cameo Asuka Tenjoin whom you might know as Alexis, Jaden's kinda but not really love interest. She's hunting down Yuri, remember him? The evil Yuya. Surely the badass girl from GX is going to have a memorable duel against Yuri, who by this point hadn't even had a complete major duel.
Well... you know how, at the end of the day, the anime is mostly a vehicle to promote the card game? This duel took it to levels of obscenity never seen before. Instead of even pretending that the show was meant to stand on its own, Yuri tells Asuka that she's such a worthless duellist, that he only needs to use the standard foot soldier deck to beat her, so instead of his own deck he uses a premade deck, based on the Ancient Gear archetype of cards, which was all we've seen the Fusion foot army utilize. Asuka is promptly demolished and turned into a card. Oh, and, by the way? A week after this episode aired, Konami launched an Ancient Gear Structure Deck, which was exactly the deck used by Yuri, give or take a few cards. So Asuka was brought back into this series to blatantly get killed by a commercial, something that to my knowledge has never happened before or since to this degree of blatant disregard for their own characters. Yuri might as well have turned to the screen and break the fourth wall, saying "This structure deck is a available now!".
The Show Must (Unfortunately) Go On
Wrapping up, Arc-V continued being just really, really unfortunate. The ending was extremely odd and many people hated it, but I can't be arsed to go into more detail. Almost unanimously, most people will agree that overall, Arc-V was not a good show, and the further the show got on the worse it got. I can't overstate how much virtually every single girl in this show is reduced to a worthless damsel in distress or just pushed to the side. The final big bad (Yuya, but not) was confusing and didn't really cap the story in a satisfying way. There's more to say but I've already babbled too much. Arc-V does not enjoy a particularly good reputation these days.
Where are we now? After Arc-V, the next series was Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains, which was also plagued by production issues and was infamous for having three recap filler episodes before episode 40, for which the director had to personally apologize. After Vrains, Konami ditched Studio Gallop and the following series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is now produced by Studio Bridge, and is quite frankly an incredibly fresh breath of air to the franchise, as it's decidedly aimed at a younger audience and does not take itself seriously, with a completely revamped ruleset called Rush Duels in lieu of a new mechanic. It also consistently has weird cards and designs.
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