Blingrimm is OP to the max.

2021.09.27 03:46 tutt_88 Blingrimm is OP to the max.

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2021.09.27 03:46 throwawayaway1754376 What are your experiences with the Student Counselling Centre? Group therapy?

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone's semester is starting off good. I'm interested in going to therapy at the Student Counselling centre at the university because my insurance ran out but I'm not sure what to expect. For those who have gone or know someone who has experience with it, what can you tell me?

Also if anyone knows if they offer group therapy/ any info about it that would be great as well.
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2021.09.27 03:46 MarioMaster05 Yep, the name matches!

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2021.09.27 03:46 reggie_700 South Africa injury breaks

Will we see a crackdown on the complete abuse of injury breaks? At one point the sequence of play went:

1: All Blacks kick to the corner for lineout.
2: ABs set up maul, which breaks down and I think there was a scrum.
3: South African prop (number 1) who hadn't been involved in the maul at all, went down injured and got some vaseline rubbed on his forehead.

At other times players are getting blood treatment on the field.

What can be done to stop this blatant abuse of injury breaks?
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2021.09.27 03:46 HorheaTheToad My first time successfully drawing a person! What do you guys think?

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2021.09.27 03:46 ComradeCommissary Japan, the U.S. and Vietnam not on same page with China

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2021.09.27 03:46 F_respecc A great cube to buy?

Hello! I am looking for a new speed cube to spend my money on. For the past 2 years I have been using Yuxin Little Magic, and I like it, the magnet strength is just right, and corner cutting is good, however it has gotten a little clunky and noisy, so I'm looking to buy another cube that is better than Yuxin. I have a budget of 20$ - 25$, so hopefully I can get a better cube within that money range.
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2021.09.27 03:46 T-rey-k SZA sn actual ENFP

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2021.09.27 03:46 dect60 Leonard Nimoy discusses the Star Trek pilot - Television Academy Interviews

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2021.09.27 03:46 Yur1xx acho que uma mina compromissada me deu mole, a questão é: eu dei mole? *texto grande*

bom, tudo começa quando vi uma num clube uma vez, achei ela simplesmente perfeita, só que ela tava com o namorado lá, então não fiquei reparando demais
um tempo depois falei com minha irmã que achava aquela mina maravilhosa e ela me contou que essa menina já falou com ela diversas vezes que me achava bonito e tal (PQ MINHA IRMÃ NAO FALOU ANTES???)
passou o tempo e ela tirou as fotos com ele do perfil, eu dei uma investida por curtida, curti algumas fotos dela só que ela não curtiu de volta, tudo bem, ela não queria e beleza
só que continuou assim, nao postava nada com ele e eu continuava com o mesmo pensamento de querer ficar com ela
um dia, muito chapado, mandei mensagem pra ela, foi exatamente assim:
você namora? Sim, pq? tinha interesse
apenas, mas esse "pq" me deixou confuso, ela podia simplesmente ter respondido "sim", mas mesmo assim entendo que as vezes a nossa curiosidade passa do ponto
hoje, fui numa festa que ela tava, minha outra irmã cumprimentou ela e ela disse: "é seu irmão?", ela sabia que eu era irmão dela (??)
me cumprimentou, me deu um beijo no rosto e um abraço mais apertado, convencional mesmo, pareceu simpatia
ela ficou cantando lá comigo e uns amigos em comum, me abraçava de lado pra cantar os sertanejos sofrencia, tudo num clima amigável
só que teve um momento que eu cheguei com um pirulito e ela queria a todo custo pegar ele de mim, e eu combinei que ia dar depois da metade, foi assim (duas vezes)
no final, quando eu tava indo embora, ela pegou pela segunda vez o pirulito, mas eu tinha meio que mastigado a parte do chiclete e mostrei pra ela, foi aí que ela disse "e você acha que eu tenho nojo?" e saiu
agora vem a questão, eu ficaria tranquilamente com uma mina que namora (talarico é quem pega mulher de amigo) mas não tenho culhao pra chegar tendo em vista que um simples "eu namoro" cancelaria tudo que eu tinha feito
minha irmã disse que eu dei mole e poderia ter investido mas tem isso que eu disse acima
o que vocês acham?
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2021.09.27 03:46 DuckInTheSky 33 [M4F] VA - Emotionally intelligent and geeky INFP Dominant with (what I'm often told at least) great voice seeking similar. Well except for, you know, the Dom part.

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out to me, I'd definitely be interested in chatting with you and seeing where things lead. I personally don't care much for the messaging here so, if it's all the same to you, you can find me on both Kik and Skype at KindCaringDom. I also have Discord and you can find me there at DrowningInMercy#2096. We can get to know one another better on one of those platforms, however if you're not interested in that I wish you the best of luck.
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2021.09.27 03:46 Aggravating-Speaker1 Azelf raid on me now- inviting 5-10

4384 6864 6660
Please add and be online. Going in within 3-5 mins of adding everyone.
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2021.09.27 03:46 TurnedIntoAChicken Mental torture

Here we go again. There's a party going on in the other room and I'm left sitting here in my room. I have to meet someone at 10 about something due tomorrow at 9 am that I put off because I am an idiot and that's what I do when things stress me out. Then I was just surprised to figure out have to open from 9 to 3 at my job. I also have an appointment at noon.
I wasn't built for this world, and I want out. That's how I feel right now.
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2021.09.27 03:46 Cybion_ How do you want the Ben 10 franchise to move forward ?

Now with the Reboot over, how do you want the franchise to continue ?
Ben 10 has an entire multiverse worth of shows, movies, games and comics. Personally i would like them to go back to Prime Ben, since Ben was 17 when Omniverse ended why not make another time skip like Alien Force and see him in his 20s ? Or go all the way to Ben 10K focusing on "passing the tourch" to Ken ?
I can see them taking the Spider-Man rout where they can focus on other characters that aren't Peter. Like we can get a show focusing on Gwen 10 or even No Watch Ben.
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2021.09.27 03:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 03:46 docwood2011 Any way to make Chrome full screen?

I can't stand the giant tabs and 2nd bar website info. Is there any way to make those dissappear like they do with Samsung internet?
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2021.09.27 03:46 jakethesnakeisback16 Saints Row -Xenia[XBOX 360 Emulator] - Core i7 4790 | RX-570 4GB

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2021.09.27 03:46 JoJoyland [Free] Giveaway Items

Hi! I have a selection of free items available and shops are open. Please comment below with your in game name if you'd like to come over. Also happy to review wish lists if there's something specific you're looking for. Bianca is crafting Manga library wall DIY.
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2021.09.27 03:46 fuck_the-system Alchmey pay

Look into how shady they are before investing.
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2021.09.27 03:46 Sealedvesselofsalt Help him please

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2021.09.27 03:46 marinalove123 does the city of pomona have anything in common with Los Angeles county? Why does the vibe of Pomona resemble Inland Empire

Why does the vibe of Pomona resemble Inland Empire
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2021.09.27 03:46 PotatoPotluck 12 Apostles

We all know about Ina's 12 Apostles, and after I saw this animation of Ina fighting the rest of HololiveEN, I had the thought of how cool it would be if Ina was capable of summoning her 12 Apostles in the fight and wanted to draw my interpretation of them. Unfortunately I'm swamped with work and class and wasn't able to finish my rough sketch this weekend. But I did however come up with a few names and wanted anyone's opinion on it. I'll post the rough sketch I made later since there's still a few things I want to clean up, but as of right now, I only have 8 of 12 drawn.
I don't know everything about Takodachi lore, so I decided just for fun to make my own. So I went with something like the 12 Apostles being the most powerful and have received blessing from Ao-Chan allowing them to take on new forms. Originally Takodachi, as all Takodahis they emerged from the void, but these twelve evolved into higher beings, known as the Tak'old'achi. Proof of their evolution appears to be an alteration of some sort of the Takodachi's usual halo.

1st Apostle

ElderLich: Architeulhu 
The first of the Takoldachi, its power is only outclassed by Ina herself and her master. As leader of the 12, it is without doubt the strongest. According to rumor, it's tentacles can reach anywhere known or unknown. A malnourished appearance and an anorexic like body, while the other 12 have an excuse, it doesn't wear a shirt, and because of its long hair and androgynous appearance it's hard to tell, whether it's a boy or a girl. While it's upperhalf is human, it's lower half is that of a giant squid/octopus, large enough to dwarf of the other 12. It's squishy orange hair, similar to Ina's, are horns that encompass the vertical halo above its head. It wields a large staff in the shape of a rather violent looking crowbar. Unbeknownst to most, it has been with Ina since it first emerged from the void, and it is actually the Takodachi used at the beginning of her streams in it's youth, apparently Ina used the footage because it was adorable.
2nd Apostle
Acolyte of the Abyss: Cephilomae 
Among all the 12, Cephilomae kept his new form as close to their original as possible. An old but large man spouting a beard of tentacles, he is the smartest but also the kindest. He's like a doting grandfather. But while lies beneath is unknown to all but those above him. He follows Ina not only because she is his master, but also because he appreciates her sense of humor which the two seem to fondly share. His halo has taken the form of a large golden bracelet on his left arm.
3rd Apostle
Femme Annuler: Teuthina 
One of the female members that make up the higher echelon of the Takodachi, Teuthina strives for elegance, loving that which is "seiso", to a point of romanticism. Sporting Victorian fashion, for reasons known only to Ina herself, she keeps her face behind a veil. Due to her strive for elegance, no one really knows the extent of her abilities. She likes to give advice and watch over people. Her halo is apparently used a a hat band to keep her hat attached to her head.
4th Apostle
Ancient Harbinger: Mesoninoteuthis 
A warrior and behemoth of a Tako, his face is hidden by his tentacles. While usually silent, when his service is needed, only a path of carnage is left in his wake. Wielding a giant jagged primitive shaped blade, it is unknown if this being has ever experienced defeat. It followed Ina initially on orders of Ao-chan, but over time grew to respect and admire his power and spirit, he is genuinely loyal to her. While it protects its head with its tentacles, some appear to be attached to its halo that it holds above it.
5th Apostle
The Zealous Scholar: Whis-kracken 
Of the 12, Whis-kracken in terms of appearance is one of the most "eldritch" looking. Resembling a giant octopus monster, its face is covered by a skull and surrounded by rotting skin with numerous tentacles emerging from any and every opening. With only one eye visible, it is capable of seeing anything and everything. As for why it chews on its own intestines and stomach no one really knows why. But because of that it isn't capable of proper communication, making it feel rather lonely despite its love for puns, which coincidentally was one of it's reasons for following Ina. His halo is formed as the limbus in it's one exposed eye.
6th Apostle
Outer Oblivion: Inarlathotep 
The largest of the 12, it is capable of transformation and none know the first form it took upon evolution. Although the form it usually takes is a serpent like beast with a seemingly innocent like face. It's destructive power is immeasurable and of the 12 only the First is capable of stopping it. Because it is usually in its enlarged form, it doesn't speak when in or near the presence of Ina, as the volume could hurt her ears. If it takes on a smaller form, it doesn't know how to control it's volume and ends up speaking very softly. It is unknown why this tako follows Ina, although, as if by instinct, it seems very fond of her, it also likes the cookies she makes. It's halo appears to be attached to it's back, although it's hard to see as its body is too big to notice it sometimes.
7th Apostle
The Deranged Demon: Paul from Accounting (I actually forgot what I originally put down) 
A four armed humanoid Tako, it seems to prefer this humanoid form other than the typical monstrous forms the others possess. While the First and Sixth are supposedly the most powerful, in terms of pure physical strength, the Seventh is nearly unrivaled. It followed Ina after it was easily overwhelmed, but upon joining the Apostles, it discovered it was kind of a muscle head. But that doesn't stop it from protecting and fighting for Ina and its fellow Takodachis. Because of it's unrivaled physical strength, it's halo has taken the form of a champion's belt.
8th Apostle
Precursor of Kalem: HollowPhae Liebe'nis 
An unknown Tako born on Earth, is seems to reflect the image of a certain man, albeit distorted. It seems to admire Ina's love for art and seeks to create its own. It's potential is limited only by it's imagination as it's ability allows it to craft parts of the void that have yet to become Takodachi, and give it their own unique form. Similar to the sixth, for a reason unbeknowst to it, it follows Ina, as if she reminds it of something it knew, or something the man whose form it has taken knew. Although they lack the power and intelligence to hold a candle to any of the Twelve. It likes to wear suits. It's halo has embedded itself in its forehead.
9th Apostle
Omnis Brute: Ninommastrephidae 
Born in certain part of space, it's rampage upon birth allowed it to evolve faster the other 12. It received it's nickname "Omnis Brute" as its sheer power devastated his place of origin, and leaving it's surroundings to become a "dead galaxy". It's described to have an "Abara-like" appearance, and tends to act independently from the group. It's power is unknown but as it is capable of leveling a galaxy, it is better to just leave it alone. While most believe it has succumbed to urges for disaster, it's actually just lost and has an unstable temper since it accidently blew up its planet where it rampaged until it was discovered and calmed by Ina. Due to it's ignorance it gets lost easily. If found please return to Ina.
*Its halo has taken the form of a collar
10th Apostle
The Star Seeker: Tyakgoodachi 
One of the other humanoid takodachi, it seems to have a dream of its own and continues to pursue it. While it may not have any offensive capabilities, it is capable of traversing time and space allowing them to meet Ina and acquaint itself with other powerful beings. Although he is an apostle of Ina he is actually happily married, and his halo has taken the form of his wedding ring.
(I'm not sure if I should keep this one or change it.)
11th Apostle
Foreigner of the Cosmos: Chipiro'nis (Chip for short) 
One of the only Takodachis capable of flight, it uses its tendril like arms to form anything it could possibly need. It is the fastest of the 12 and seems to bare some resemblance to the Ninth in it's armored appearance. Since it wear a mask it usually doesn't speak or others simply cannot hear them. While it may not be as powerful as the others, its strength lies in it's versatility. Takos and humans alike seem to compare it to "Deoxys" from Pokémon, much to its dismay. It doesn't help either that its halo is found in the middle of its chest, similarly to Deoxys. Despite it's wild nature, it loves simple things and desires a peaceful/simple lifestyle, which was why it was drawn to Ina's wholesome personality.
12th Apostle
The Neonatus: Magnapina 
The youngest and smallest of the Takoldachi, it's abilities are currently unknown. it walks around the void of space only going to places that catch its interest, almost like a young child. It seems to wear a comfy looking cloak that covers almost its entire body. It's traditional tentacles seem to emerge from underneath and many just tend to look away. Despite its child-like appearance, it also seems to mimic it's appearance off Ina's pure void form. With all of those taken into account, it seems to exert a far more mysterious aura than the other 12. The halo of the 12th Apostle appears to be hidden underneath it's cloak, hovering only a bit away from its heart. Although the light of the halo still shines through so there's honestly no point in it. It seems to have a deep admiration of Ina to mimic her form, she apparently follows Ina like a child.
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2021.09.27 03:46 jatxna One thing I've been thinking about a possible FE4 remake.

I honestly think at this point there has been a lot of discussion about a genalogy remake. I do not know to what extent my opinion can add something new to the table. In fact, there are many things that I would like to see added in a remake (Paralogues, A day and night system where each turn represents about 6 hours) but beyond that, and whatever can be done, I do not come to talk about the big changes that a hypothetical remake could have. I just want to talk about a detail, a change that the game will have, independent of any other change that it may have on the original, and that I do not know how they would implement it.
I speak, of course, of the Casual mode. Make no mistake, we all know that the game is going to have a casual mode (in the hypothetical case that they do, of course), but how could it be implemented?
Many will say that it is a silly question, and it is, if we were talking about a remake of any other Fire Emblem game, of course, not Genealogy.
In the case of Genealogy, things change. And things change precisely because of an important detail of that game, the size of its maps. FE4 is famous for its gigantic maps representing entire countries. The size of the maps is a theme of the game And I won't get the game without them. It's not Genealogy of the Holy was without the oversized maps. If it is necessary to repeat it, I will repeat it.
However, it is that important detail that poses a serious difficulty when implementing a casual mode. That is so for two details: If you are playing in casual mode, in any other Fire Emblem game, and a unit dies, you can use it again the next chapter if you want, but you can also not use it. The fact is that, regardless of what you choose, the unit has lost the opportunity to level in the chapter in which it was defeated. And that "X could not level in chapter 2" It has much more weight in a game where the units only have 6 chapters to reach level 30. Furthermore, you can have all your units on the map (which for the gameplay implies that the units have much more value as characters, but also that you will not get replacements like in other games).
If I'm playing chapter one and Lex dies (in hypothetical casual mode), how many levels did the axes user lose? not to mention that Lex also lost the Brave Axe.
Those are the reasons why I don't know how Casual Mode should be implemented in an FE4 remake. What is your opinion? I'd like to read it. It might help us both.
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2021.09.27 03:46 hissyfit620 What are you holding onto that you need to let go of?

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Unlimited uses, just have to create new accounts whenever you’ve used up your three previous discounts and want more cheap food! 🙂
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